Have a religiously good lunch

Normally, stuff involving Soho & someone's mouth is usually pretty, ahem, "French", but now there's a delicious, totally legal, mobile alternative: Pizza Pilgrims, a pie-slinging, iconic Piaggio van bought by a pair of brothers at the toe of Italy, who then drove it up the length of the Boot as they learned about artisanal 'za-making by milking buffaloes, hand-stuffing sausages, and "taking part in a village donkey race" -- anything to ensure they didn't make asses of themselves in the kitchen.

After making the journey back to Blighty, they ingeniously retrofitted the back of their trusty transpo with a homemade stone pizza oven, then parked the beast on Berwick Street, where they'll be daily making sourdough discs (risen for 24hrs & blasted for 90 seconds) with the help of a veteran Napoli chef who "speaks no English", so it'll be impossible for them to tell whether he's breaking for lunch or narcoleptic.

Mostly using Google Translate (seriously), the trio have settled on rotating styles, like a margarita w/ marinara made from tomatoes grown at the base of Vesuvius, Napoli sausage & marinaded tender-stem broccoli, and a number covered in soft, spicy 'Nduja, or "Italy's chorizo" -- or, more simply, Soho sausage you'll actually want in your mouth.