Food & Drink

Third time's the charm

Continuing their trend of restaurants incorporating the "wa" sound (so hot right now!) the boys behind Terroirs have swung the doors on Soif, and bedecked it French-cafe style with classic bentwood chairs and tile-covered tables ironically unsuited for Dominos.

Every day, the menu will obey whatever's fresh, with smaller mainstays ranging from cep 'shrooms w/ bone marrow, through to clams, lemon & coriander, and some black pudding topped w/ squid, a dish that's presumably very rich.

Larger-caliber plates will likely include pig cheeks braised in Breton cider, skate wing "Dieppoise" (drowned in white wine), a massive "tête de veau" (literally a calf's head), and duck confit w/ beans & trotters that only fools would pass up.

Sweet teeth are sated by an inventive combo of panna cotta, quince & chestnuts, a bitter chocolate pot, and a lemon/ cinnamon/ almond Chilean export named the "Santiago tart", hopefully slutty enough that you'll be the one saying "wa...wa..."