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America's finest food, coast to coast

As road trips in England are either really short or really wet, the foodbloggers at Noshable took a coast-to-coast jaunt across the US instead, bringing back loads of gut-stuffing recipes for dishes they'll be serving to you tomorrow night over at Clapham-adjacent Ben's Canteen.

You'll start off with a complimentary whiskey-addled Tennessee Tea, then move on to roasted bone marrow topped by very finely shredded "beef floss" (recommended by four out of five farm animals) from NY's Fatty 'Cue. Mitchell’s Deli in Nashville provided the main inspiration, in the form of a song about drinking away heartache then getting run over by a pickup truck... oh, no, actually an Asian flank sandwich w/ pickled veg salad & "animal-style" fries (topped w/ melted cheese & grilled onions), while SF's famed Wexler's is repped via its bourbon banana cream pie, topped with salted caramel bourbon sauce.

Oh, and as for those BACON COCKTAILS: they'll include such oinky luminaries as the Bacon Old Fashioned, a breakfast sour w/ bacon bourbon & maple syrup, and "piggleback" shots of bacon-infused bourbon followed by a shot of spiced cider vinegar -- just don't get too wet, or you'll cut your night short.