Michelin man opens a pub in Wimbledon

Thanks to the rise of the gastro, the humble pub is no longer considered a culinary wasteland, though by God it will be again if Wetherspoons has any say in the matter. Now a vaunted resto man's getting into the gastro game, with The Fox and Grapes, being reborn today.

Going into partnership with his brother, lauded chef Claude Bosi -- whose double-Michelin'd Hibiscus counts itself among the world's top fifty -- has dramatically upgraded the stalwart Wimbledon boozer's menu while maintaining its pub-ishness with mismatched wooden furniture, glass racks hung from rusted spiked chains, and a dominating horseshoe bar where you can linger interminably on nights when you're not getting lucky. The seasonal fare starts small: Herefordshire snail lasagne w/ crispy bacon & garlic, Cornish brown crab w/ black pepper oil, and a pate of West Midlands game, far more beautiful to behold than the one played by Aston Villa. On the larger front, there's an open charcoal grill scorching on-bone fillets, ribeyes, bavettes, and 800g Chateaubriands, as well as not-grilled items like coq au vin, English brown ale-battered hake, and crispy plantation pork belly w/ Herefordshire cider & a stuffed Granny Smith, despite Will telling her that she could curb her compulsive overeating if she'd submit to an audit of her Body Thetans

Alongside an extensive wine list, there are also real-ale pumps like Black Sheep, Hog's Back Bitter, and Doom Bar, which could describe a certain cutlery-influenced chain whose food, music, and crowd could inspire one to become a 1st-person shooter.

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