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Classic French on Sloane Square

Because there's nothing quite so British as hijacking someone else's culture, the folks behind all-Brit diner The Wolsey parked a pretty much perfect replica French cafe right on Sloane Square, costuming its three rooms with hand-crafted glass chandeliers, original French posters, vintage photographs, and classic bentwood chairs. The all-day menu deepens the geographical ruse with its huge selection of continental egg styles (sur plat = flash-cooked under a grill; brouillés = scrambled in a bain-marie w/ some double cream...), as well as all the croques you could ever possibly want (Madame, Monsieur, the meaty Grand Monsieur, Raclette, and more). You'll also find hearty fare like slow-cooked duck cassoulet, and Steak Diane flambeed at your table, though Mrs. Kruger would like it stressed that she's more than just a hot piece of meat.They've got a pastry chef too, whose sole job will be putting out the likes of rum & orange custard cakes, a slew of tarts (apple, passion fruit, cherry & almond), biscuits, ice-creams, and breakfastings, because there's nothing more quintessentially British than a croissant.