Food & Drink

Steaming soup in the Japan Centre

The best thing about the Japan Centre (sorry, tatami rolling mat store), Shoryu vends its noodles in an extremely simple, upscale coffee shop setup, while honouring the Centre's veneration of tradition by bringing in a chef born and raised in Hakata, the home of their signature soup.

You can rest assured that passersby will be making hungry-orphan faces up against the floor-to-ceiling windows as you slurp up that signature, Hakata Tonkotsu: rich pork & chicken bone broth topped with BBQ pork. That base can be bolstered by the likes of spicy miso, wasabi, a rarely found citrusy yuzu infusion, and, thanks to South Africa's huge Japanese expat community not losing their love of tongue-torching, piri piri chillies

Come dinnertime, they bust out a menu of sides, including standard pork gyozas, and not-so-standard "Tokyoyaki" (octopus-filled batter balls). While they don't serve booze in the place, they're happy for you to take in a drink from the Japan Centre, but probably won't be happy to have to roll you out.