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Almost certainly the craziest booze you've ever had

A decade seems like a long time to finish a project, unless you're a Battletoads fan, in which case, you're too busy to read this. Representing the final stroke in a years-in-the-making masterpiece: Meursault, opening today. The "completion" of multi-award winner L'Etranger, Meursault rests one story below the fine-diner, lending a more relaxed, after-hours vibe through its own menu, kitchen, and bar, in a space walled-in by glass wine cabinets, and merrily lorded over by a ceiling made up entirely of glowing panels painted with grapevines, making it easier to see people, and hear terrible rumours about them. A more casual take on the upstairs' Franco-Japanese fusion, the menu includes almond tempura foie gras, a huge teriyaki rib eye w/ black sesame, venison, crab/lobster & Wagyu sliders, and, with truffles, fried "sumo polenta" -- suggesting you'll later be doing a massively quivering shuffle. The 40+ desserts range from Earl Grey creme brulee, to Stilton panna cotta, to a rich, layered, almond & coffee Opera Cake, finally answering the question of how the fat lady got that way.

Cocktails come both classically twisted and complexly "molecular", the latter seeing the likes of the B5 Deluxe, whose three "liquid centre jellified parcels" containing a Bomber's coffee liqueur/ Baileys/ Grand Marnier "simultaneously explode in your mouth"; and a number involving a "trio of liquid nitrogen crumbled sorbet mojitos", rum, wild berries, and a "carbonated caramel sprinkle", Nancy Sinatra-ishly called the Bang Bang You Shot Me Down -- also what happens to so, so many good toads.