Food & Drink

Fried chicken & cock-a-doodle-tails

Get the batter without the battery at Wishbone. "The UK's first free range fried chicken shop", the bar-seating eatery is marked by bright graffiti and steel fittings, and was installed in Brixton Market by one of the dudes behind Meat Liquor, two things that, even more than fair treatment of hens, are what you typically wish for. The pecking order starts with wings (blue cheese buffalo, twice-fried Korean, etc.) and thighs, which count the mint/chillies/lime Thai, and a style you'll enjoy even more than (talking about) sex, the Salt 'n' Pepa. Meanwhile, mouth-stuffers including 1/4-1/2 birds & sarnies will keep you from talking about anything, while on the side you'll find deep-fried mac 'n cheese. Cocktails-wise, they've opted to simply serve every possible variation of a sour, adding spice mix/egg to pretty much any spirit you can think of. They've also bussed in crafts like Czech Hobo, and Cotswalds ciders Sweet Cheeks & No Brainer, which comes in entire liter flagons, upping the odds that you'll end your night in a cage.