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18hr pork bone noodles in Soho

Armed with family recipes that stretch back before the dawn of time, the Eastern food experts from East End sushi joint Tsuru have decided to bring the heat, and actually cook things, in their now-open Tonkotsu: a bi-level ramen shop where everything -- the bar, the tables, even the spoons -- is carved from timber, except of course the Hanzo swords you'll imagine they're smithing in back. What they're actually making back there is tonkotsu (pork bone) stock that's been cooked & reduced for 18hrs, then fleshed out with concentrated soy/miso base, alkaline noodles, and toppings like pork+egg and their homemade chilli oil, called "Tokyo Spicy", though Tokyo Drift would've been more appropriate, as its plot is also soup. To drink, they'll furnish you with traditional quenchers like sake, shochu & draft Asahi, as well as local bevs including Beavertown's 8 Ball rye IPA/smoked porter -- sure to help your streak of always being awarded wooden spoons.