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Shifting continents to bring you dinner

Moving from Italy to New York's a relatively comfortable experience -- chances are you already have at least a little family over there, possibly even Five Families. Now making his food take that trip: the man behind Spuntino, now open

From Polpo & Polpetto's head honcho, Spuntino keeps the plates small, but instead of Italian loads them with New York-style nourishment in a tin-ceiling'd industrial space where a long pewter bartop hosts strictly diner-style seating, and stripped walls expose Victorian glazed bricks (not an unexpected condition, since opium was legal back then). The menu's loaded with creative sliders -- from spiced mackerel, to ground beef w/ bone marrow, to salt beef from Brick Lane, to lamb w/ pickled cucumber -- and everybody gets a warm-up cup of salted popcorn, perfect for enjoying Your Dinner with Andre. The Apple gets Big with the likes of soft shell crab w/ Tabasco aioli, a hefty portion of mac & cheese served bubbling in its own frying pan, cooked-to-order steak & eggs, and truffled egg toast that'll do its best to hunt out the pig in you

Desserts include Nutella pizzettas, pineapple & liquorice ice cream, Wild Turkey brownies, and good old-fashioned peanut butter & jelly sandwiches -- food that's less godfather-y, and more Bon Maman.