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Beefy smallness invades Soho

Tired of popping up in more places than their touring brother "Hot", Lucky Chip are establishing a "slow fast food" home base in Player Bar's retro-sexual den, located underground so you can hide your slider-gorging from everyone... except the other people in the retro-sexual den.Start out with hake & scallops w/ fish skin crisps or four-cheese mac, then climb aboard their Noah's Arc of sliders (they all come in pairs) to find pulled pork, the blue-cheesy El Chappo, the double-aged-beef Club, and the applewood-smoked-bacon Royal Wit Cheese, clogging Travolta's bloodlines since 1994. The buns don't end after the main course, as they're also constructing staggeringly realistic ice cream burgers, plus offering a build-your-own sundae bar, which you'll gladly continue working through even on your day of rest.Despite already being in a cocktail bar, they're doing a few of their own, adding to The Player's already extensive list w/ a trio of triple-measure juleps (mint, peach brandy, rye & rosemary), plus spiked ice cream floats including a tequila/Ting combo named the White Dove, guaranteed to get you slow, quickly.