Food & Drink

Feeding you on Spain's prodigious output

Marylebone is known for two things: embassies, and the restaurants that guarantee them the privilege of diplomatic obesity. Supporting all that in high Iberian style: The Fat of the Land, a bare-brick-walled Spanish drink/diner where joints of meat teasingly dangle in the windows, ready to be sliced on-demand into deli-style Pata Negra (made from Black Iberian pigs), sweet lomo, spicy cecina, hearty salchichon, cured beef tongue (Tastes just like heaven! Does not come from love cats!), and more that goes great with cheeses like soft tetilla and a manchego trio (red wine, chilli, oregano). If joints of meat don't satisfy you, that's natural and fine. So go for saffron rice & roasted rabbit, pan-fried chorizo w/ smoked morcilla sausage & polenta, deep-fried baby squid in ink, or a spatchcock of chicken bathed in herb marinade and covered in prunes, just like its mother said would happen, though she failed to mention how long baths also leave you covered in crushed pistachios. Drinking keeps the Espagna going, with a wealth of sherries, cavas & vinos, plus draughts like Mahou & San Miguel, and bottles incl. Estrellas & Alhambras -- abuse your right to drink them, and no one will have immunity from your charms.