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Suckling pig with 4,000-meter potatoes?

From a guy who ran one of the "World's 50 Best" restaurants in Lima, comes Lima, a sky-lit Peruvian spot where rustic wood flooring gives way to geometrically patterned leather banquettes, imposing tilted mirrors for surreptitiously spying on other patrons, art you'll tell your date is "modernist" and probably be right (but then again who knows), and slatted walls clearly lifted from a very nice beehive

The menu's split between raw (sea bass ceviche in tiger milk, scallops w/ sweet potato...), and heat-kissed numbers like suckling pig sided by potatoes "cultivated at 4,000 meters", pachamanca prawn baked with the aid of hot stones, and lamb shoulder doused in pisco cinnamon, which when held in the mouth will make you start crying, with joy

As for the stuff that'll give you the courage to broach other subjects besides art, Pisco graces every single one of the bar's cocktails, from Peru-ified classics like Negronis & Bloody Marias, to all-originals like the chilli-infused Cuento del Diablo, or the Sauvignon Blanc'd First Bird -- or, what someone will flip you when they catch you spying on them with those mirrors.