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Japanese street food, from a totally different street than that one you were on that time

Because Japanese food isn't all raw and/or neurotoxic, Yaki's hoping to expand our capital's horizons by bringing traditional Osaka street fare to Fitzrovia, dispensing their delightfully strange morsels from a small, unassuming green & white bakery.Their signature will be Okonomi-yaki; a kind of savoury pancake/omelette/thingy loaded with the likes of beef/tom, bacon/sweetcorn, and prawn/asparagus; dive deeper, and you'll find yourself staring quizzically at taco-yaki (a yak taco!... no, it's baked batter balls each stuffed w/ an octopus tentacle), and rice burgers made with long-grain buns and a patty of either marinaded beef or chicken teriyaki. Pretty soon they'll sling Tai-yaki: a very rare Japanese dish (they had to import a special machine, and a special-special generator to run it) of fish-shaped waffles filled with options like sausage, ham & egg, chocolate, and custard cream, which are all very definitely cooked, and paralyzingly delicious.