Food & Drink

Low-cost decadence from one of the world's best chefs

Marking the most unusual combo since your days randomly mashing the Street Fighter 2 controller, Bubbledogs cuts the ribbon tomorrow in Fitzrovia, ushering in a new era of hot dogs & Champagne being perfectly normal together. The exposed-brick, wood-furnished, stuffing-n-quaffing spot comes from a chef fresh off stints at world-beaters Noma, Per Se, and The Ledbury.Sausages come in housemade steamed buns, and include a beef "BLT" wrapped in bacon then slathered in truffle mayo & caramelized lettuce; a tasty mint & mango chutney number; and the spicy guac/ sour cream/ salsa/ jalapeno Jose, not the first time Mr. Mourinho's been described as a total dog. Christening the ship that is your liver are a couple of dozen cheap sparklings available by the glass/bottle. All of them are strictly "growers" Champagnes (produced on the same vineyard they're harvested from, which believe it or not, is rare); you can also wet your whistle on craft barley pops, or a rotating list of five classic 'tails including a G&T using both housemade tonic, and housemade gin (yup, but they promise that, much like Courtney Love from 1991-'98, it hasn't seen a bathtub).Because this dude's clearly not going to be content just making hot dogs, he's also installing a small, hyper-experimental back area named the Kitchen Table (opens Sept 18th, available to book as of today), whose menu will rotate every few hours, and'll explore such unusual opening dishes as chicken skin, grilled onion & burrata milk, and beef, carrot & dead nettle... a combo that much like your Street Fighter moves, has had the sting taken out of it.