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Former popup burger stars lay roots in Marylebone

After popping up/ popping trouser buttons all over the place, the permanent P&B's a Marylebone mess hall dominated by contruction-site-esque woodchip walls & exposed piping, even though this one isn't a temporary notion. Behold their flagship burger, the Ari Gold, which's backed up by the Jose Jose Chilli burger, and the coriander/cumin-aided Lambshank Redemption, which you should definitely get busy tryin'. Snag a side of fries with rosemary, and prepare to start looking like you have a baby. Finish everything with a peanut butter choc ice, which comes with a hint of nostalgia. And wash it all down with some rum punch, served as half a litre, and made with this 63% proof cane-juice. Just don't expect to pop-up before noon the next morning.