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Experimental cow chow hits Holborn

Rome wasn't built in a day (although that's probably what the builder quoted them), but this business was: after the success of a 24hr Summer popup, the meat Michelangelo behind Burger Breakout decided to go permanent, taking over the kitchen in New Oxford St. gastro The Old Crown with a hugely expanded version of the already amazing menu that made his popup pop

Thanks to the man's "sort of mild OCD", everything from sauces to buns is made by him from scratch, except the butcher's bespoke blend of Black Angus/Longhorn that fleshes out the patties. Before you grab one of those, though, kick off with starters like The Special Relationship (a Scotch Egg in hashbrown casing), or deep-fried fish donuts ("no you didn’t misread that") served with tartar

Even special relationships don't last forever, so after you've devoured yours, burger out with the likes of The Whiskey Beast (whose beef, treacle-cured bacon & Strathdon Blue are slathered in "Irish" mustard), Swine Time (24hr pulled-pork with apple/jalapeno mayo), and something you'll really fawn all over: a chocolate & quince BBQ sauced venison called Bambi Bought It

You may also go unbunned, with slow-cooked ribs or fish tacos w/ smoked gherkins. For afters they've got a range that includes Jager sorbet w/ Red Bull jelly, and a tequila milkshake w/ coffee & cayenne named the WTF -- drink that, and you probably shouldn't try to build anything for at least a day.