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Argentinian that goes beyond the steak

If there's one thing Argentines do well, it's not crying for Madonna. If there's another, it's making cows taste completely delicious, a mission Garufin takes extremely seriously in two-floor Holborn digs made rustic-minimalist via exposed brick walls, sleek wood & steel furnishings, and black & white tile floors.

The main thing's a choose-your-weight fillet served with a hunk of bone marrow & malbec syrup, but the beefy menu does venture beyond steak, with ox cheek-or scallop-crammed empanadas, beef & pork sliders, slow-cooked potted quail, and braised short ribs so tender you wouldn't Adam and Eve it.

Booze-wise, they've slapped a cocktail bar downstairs to mix "Argentinian-style classics", and stocked a wine cellar with a healthy list of similarly sourced grapes, just the kind of kick you'll need when dealing with a woman who's a bit of a cow.

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