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Like father, like son, like seafood

Stepping out of your father's shadow is even more difficult if you follow in his footsteps, or, in the case of Jaden Smith, follow in his...fresh prints? Doing dad's thing, but heading to the (wild wild) west to do it: the man behind Massimos, now open.

After helming his dad's Michelin'd Rome fish spot, Massimo Riccioli's now establishing his own sea-tery in the Corinthia Hotel's classically adorned, 23ft ceiling dining dome, complete with a private room that, in order to prevent your food from mingling with public people, also sports a private kitchen. For ocean fruit, you've your pick of dishes like grilled octopus w/ avocado, spaghetti w/ red prawns, lemons & capers, lobster w/ ginger sauce, and a fennel- & sage- dressed red mullet, a delicious preparation for eating Kevin Keegan. In a departure from Rome, there are a few alternatives to the swimmers, like oxtail meatballs w/ artichoke puree, leek ravioli w/ cured pork cheek, and beef fillet w/ bone marrow, spinach & potato tart, which isn't afraid to show a little skin.

The bar does double-duty, slinging all the regular 'tails, plus rawness including four varietals of oyster, grey snapper ceviche, frozen spaghettini w/ squid & seaweed salt, and sweet & sour mackerel -- a dish inspired by the Chinese, who saw Jaden and said "you've got to be...karate kidding?"