Food & Drink

Decadent cow-candy from New York City

Planting its first international outpost on The Strand, STK is America's answer to the question of how to get a young, beautiful crowd into a steakhouse: get seriously Czech with your vowel usage, provide truly opulent white leather booth seating, host regular DJs, and display orchids behind glass, because as every man doesn't know, orchids are the most sexual of flowers. While the carpet does not match the drapes, the menu does match the decor, with small, medium, or large high-end cuts from T-bones to Chateaubriands topped w/ black truffle or lobs. Dishes that never mooed count signature "Prawn Rice Krispies" (w/ "shrimp chips", covered in seafood bisque), with further crackling coming from 8hr roast pork shoulder w/ bourbon peaches. If you're not already intoxicated by your surroundings, try a Not Your Daddy's Manhattan, an Earl Grey/gin Tea Time Fix Up, or four variations on the Martini: classic, Gibson, dirty, and Dirty Pearl, whose blue-cheese-stuffed olive will turn your mouth into an O.