NY's crazy brunch spot crashes our coast

Despite billboards claiming it was "opening soon" for months, and it actually NOT being a company that shows you how to acquire phones used by English people, Bagatelle's finally opening today in front of STK. Like a certain fruit-monikered hot dog joint the Parisian-style bistro made a name for itself in NY before traveling west, though very much unlike said hot dog joint, it features a foliage-laden patio, white tableclothes in the dining room, and a bar with a massive fireplace.

Food skews French, with highlights like yellowfin tuna tartare w/ avocado, cilantro, soy vinaigrette, and taro chips ("Tartare de Thon"), a truffle-roasted chicken w/ roasted Yukon golds, shallots & button mushrooms ("Poulet Organic Rote Et Truffe Pour Deux"), and a pickled pork belly ("Pickled Pork Belly"). They've also got a sweet/savory pear salad w/ lemon-scented goat cheese & black truffle vinaigrette; a foie terrine w/ confit chestnut and frisee salad; and orange/chive-sided grilled lobster, who must've agreed to put the novelty tooth jewelry in its mouth in exchange for not being boiled alive.

To wash down all that bejeweled lobster, they've got a full bar, and they're soon planning to bring their notoriously debauched NY brunch parties here as well, though until then DJs will only play at night, and hopefully won't open with Billboard hits.