NY's most colorful ice cream comes to LA

Already a huge hit in NY, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's a rolling treatery coming to LA for the first time ever (October 23rd-27th) and specializing in really upsetting Michele Bachmann's husband, plus soft-serve with unusual-but-awesome toppings, cones, and sauces

The whole point's to start with the old-school soft-serve basics (so they only have chocolate and vanilla), but then doll them up with specialty cones including the CocoCone w/ curried coconut, the 'nilla-wafer-laced Bea Arthur, and a vanilla one drizzled w/ dulce de leche, sprinkled w/ sea salt, dipped in chocolate, and dubbed the Salty Pimp, which you Dolemite want to try. They're also going to have a TBA rotation of their signature, crazypants toppings (which've previously included wasabi-pea dust and ginger syrup) available on sundaes like the Bourbon-infused Butterscotch, the Awesomesauce (cayenne, candied pumpkin seed, fudge), and the lemon curd & graham cracker Mermaid, or what you'll step in and get when your buddy is Flounder-ing with his order

They're basically spending their time in LA hitting all the same joints you tell your own buddies who're only in town for a few days to check out, including Animal, the Kogi truck, and Street -- catch 'em at all three and everyone'll start describing you as huge, too.