15 restaurants. Three days. One stomach.

Put on by your all-time favorite restaurant bathroom reading material, Bon Appetit's first-annual Grub Crawl is a three-day food-and-drink-travaganza that -- if you've been using the bathroom in restaurants -- you've totally already heard of, but might still be on the fence about. So, here're four reasons to get off that fence, and to the July 13th-15th festivities

1) Friday's four-stop crawl will include acclaimed French Dippery Cole's serving French Dip sandwiches! bathtub gin out of an ice sculpture bathtub

2) Like Old Fashioneds named after the world's 12th-longest river that you totally already know is Mekong? How 'bout Beer Towers filled with Thailand's top-selling beer (probably) named after the character played by Ken Jeong on Community? Good, because that's exactly what they'll be serving on Night + Market's back porch (one of Saturday's five destinations) along with Northern Thai BBQ

3) Because there ain't no party like an open bar party, 'cause an open bar party don't stop also includes a performance from buzzy electro-hopper Vacationer, hit Saturday's crawl, which ends with said party at the Roxy

4) What's better than the Father's Office burger? Nothing. What's just as good, but way more secret than the Father's Office burger? The secret, off-menu Father's Office "Evil Twin" burg, an alt-version of Sang Yoon's icon, available on Sunday's four-stopper along with specially selected beers from FO's brew-ventory. Oh, and as a parting gift, you'll get a booze-inspired ice cream sammie, because why have one all-time favorite when you can have two.