Awesome wieners from a trio of reality show winners

If there's one thing Seoul is known for, it's living in constant fear their neighbors to the North are going to bomb the s**t out of them. If there's another, it's sausages -- or at least, that's what Seoul Sausage Company'd lead you to believe. The colorfully arted, patio-equipped operation comes from a pair of brothers and their chef buddy, whose same-named truck just won the Great Food Truck Race, and splits its chow into double-entendre-ready sections, including:Sausages!: A revolving-door series of Asian-spiced meat rockets include a spicy pork served w/ apple-cabbage coleslaw and a beef number w/ kimchi relish and a garlic "aioli", or how cockney British people used to say hello to Robert E.Balls!: They're fried and stuffed w/ rice and amazing otherness including cheese, spicy pork, Japanese pickle-infused mayo, and curry, who, as the Heat quickly discovered, is also quite stuffed.Other!: There's braised kalbi poutine (twice-cooked fries w/ kalbi, pickled onions, and avocado lime crema) and a Ddukboki: a pork belly w/ rice cake, or what North Korea says blowing up South Korea is as easy as.