Your favorite honey pork fritter pop-up finds a permanent home

Opening Wed in the only place Mike Penberthy launches three-pointers from, Alma Restaurant's a now-permanent, way-Downtown edition of the lauded pop-up: a BYOB meats & more operation run by a dude who used to work at San Fran's superlative Flour + Water and'll now work outta an artsy-on-the-inside space with plenty of both

The menu's gonna change monthly, but get a load of the goodness they've got to start: pork fritter w/ radish, rye, and honey; seared mackerel w/ quinoa, avocado, peach, and cucumber; and suckling pig w/ corn, black garlic, maitake mushrooms, and holy basil, Batman! The whole operation'll also be local-farmer-focused, meaning sustainable starter goodness too: peacock kale salad w/ cheddar, shallots, and torn bread; shelling bean stew w/ a slow-cooked egg, tomatillo, padron peppers, and the weed-like purslane; and beet gazpacho w/ crab, fennel, and preserved lemon, though you won't be sour on this dish

And before you're all, "But Thrillist, I liked going to the pop-up because they surprised me every night", you should know they'll still do those rando-esque tasting menus for parties of four or more so long as you make a reservation in advance and're able get three of your bros to go way-Downtown... bang, Penberthy!