Oh this? It's just some steak tartare with <em>mustard ice cream</em>.

Opening tomorrow downtown, Eat.Drink.Americano's the kind of retro-futuristic gastropub you could imagine Doc Brown messing around with thyme: a brick-ensconced, industrial steampunk-leaner with rustic, (probably) Mad Dog Tannen-approved touches like cogs, folding accordion lamps, and a chandelier made of empty wine bottles that're all label-less, because bottle stereotyping isn't cool, dude

Bites'll come from a lingerie-wearing Marv Albert... wait, no... a small, white-tile-laden open kitchen (there we go!) and include "locally sourced modern American pub faire", which's all fairely self-explanatory: there's "Black Cod Tempura & Classic Tomato Sauce", "Oxtail Burger", "King Crab Cannelloni & Cauliflower Foam", and "Steak Tartare & Mustard Ice Cream". And that's not all: there's even a trio of flatbreads, with topping combos including pastrami, mozz & shiitake; mango chutney, arugula & smoked mozz; and cream cheese, poached eggs & red Atlantic salmon, a commie fish you'll probably START II share, then think better of it

There's also a carefully curated beer list they'll pour at a reclaimed honey-wood bar, w/ five craft bottles and eight options on draft, including Black's Dawn Stout, Anderson Summer Solstice, and Arrogant Bastard -- have too many and you'll likely be the one McFlying

Photos by Michael Pool Photography