It's big enough for the both of us (+198 others)

Opening tomorrow on the ground floor of DTLA's 36-story Watermarke Tower, Towne is essentially the size of one: a 7000sqft three-meals-a-day-ery from a Dream Team of chefs, barmen, and ugh, Christian Laettner patissiers who'll use a buncha different spaces to show off their Dream Team-iness, including a coffee bar, French-doored terrace, wood-paneled lounge, and red & white dining room

To the chagrin of Anawanna, food's all in the "New American" camp, which means ultra-creative dishes (put together by vets from Scarpetta and NY's davidburke & donatella) like bone-marrow matzo ball soup, pastrami pork belly sliders w/ housemade sauerkraut & scratch Thousand Island, and a sweet-and-sour cabbage-abetted pork shank. But wait, there's so much more: lobster smokies wrapped in homemade puff pastry, a glazed beef cheek pot roast w/ sourdough gnocchi, and a wood grill that's firing up octopus w/ artichokes, Korean-style BBQ short rib, and a seafood T-bone for two, which you'll eat alone, just for the halibut

They've also got ridiculous drinks from Roger Room super-barman Jason Bran and sweets from the award-winning Bottega Louie chick, including housemade Twinkies, peanut butter candy bars, and "Bagged Donuts" -- or what Laettner did while Magic and Co. were beating Cuba by 79.