Meet the Village Idiot brain trust's Silverlake gastropub

From the guys behind the Village Idiot (the bar, not M. Night Shyamalan), The Black Cat's a Silverlake gastropub with a British vibe and Colonial art gallery-esque interior

Food's from the former Lou dude and's generally crazy traditional, with dinner including this classic Steak Frites as well as a "Lasagnette", which's either a small-ish helping of baked pasta or... actually yeah, it's probably just that

At lunch, you can destroy this crispy beef cheek taco

Or this scratch-American-cheese-topped aged burger that, like Princess Leia's offensive approach, is called the "Ground And Bun"

There's also a weekend brunch (cornmeal buttermilk pancakes ftw!), and the bar's got it going on: craft drafts, bombs, sparkling negronis (carbonated and bottled in-house), and the Scotch, Jameson, lemon, pepper orgeat Screaming Lemon Scot, which's... um... Great?