The notorious food truck rolls to a stop

Because after Carmageddon, there's a 66.6% chance cars and trucks won't even exist, the Asian-fusion Flying Pig food truck is laughing in the face of said extinction by opening a full-service brick & mortar with long banquettes and white walls decorated with murals ranging from the company's cartoon-ish logo to a LA cityscape that somehow features the Hollywood sign, Disney Hall, and a rainbow over the freeway, which is yet another clear signal from God that he's planning to wield his power to destroy it!!!

Bites're all shareable and basically pan-Asian, with menu highlights including a seafood curry ramen loaded w/ prawns & mussels; pork belly buns topped w/ pickled vegetables, and massive scallops loaded w/ chopped mango, also what Lorne Michaels did from SNL around 2003. Also on the menu: carnitas de guajillo (with baked shallot & marinated beef), spicy black mussels w/ garlic & pancetta, and the four- to six person-serving, shrimp-and-mango-salsa-sided "Whole Butt Special", which's no longer just the name of a Kardashian show men would actually watch

For their opening night, they've got a ton of freebies and giveaways, including gratis beer, fries, music, and prizes like a $50 gift certificate for anyone that dresses like a hog, though if you read that as a synonym for "motorcycle", spend your money quick, because on Saturday you die!!!