Next time you go to Staples, THIS is where you're eating

Opening up on Rebecca Black's favorite day of the week, FigOly's a massive second-floor eatery overlooking the corner of Figueroa and Olympic w/ three super-impressive areas: a candlelit dining room, a blounge (bar + lounge!) with a unique "video rail" compromised of 128 screens, and a patio with a separate menu, firepit, and private cabanas, making it way easier to get intimate and Copa-feel

The food's from former Top Chef-testant Alex Reznik, who's plating an eclectic menu of stomach-boner-ers like lamb-and-wild boar tagliatelle, scallops w/ pork lardon, and Arctic char w/ Himalayan red rice, kumquat gastrique, and long beans. As far as that outdoor patio goes, you'll be grazing on veal & pork meatball sliders, smoked trout topped w/ caviar, and pizzas w/ pork sausage and pee-wee potatoes, which you'll probably want to order for Her, man

You can make rezzies now, but only via Twitter, so follow 'em, and just hit 'em up with a time and a day (It's Friday! Friday!) you wanna go, and they'll confirm one way or the other.