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The craziest taco joint in Los Angeles. Period.

Remember that show where all those diverse, environmentally conscious kids wore magic rings, and would like, combine their powers, and then that dude with the green mullet would show up and help them take pollution down to zero? Well, Mondo Taco is essentially doing the exact same thing, except instead of combining magic rings to summon that green mullet dude to help them take pollution down to zero, they're combining hot dogs and tacos

This tiny, new, internationally flavored taqueria's doing global takes on the traditional Mexican handheld inside of a cross-culture-decor'd storefront (Mexican crosses, Japanese fans, Dalai Lama portraits), with craziness like the Afrentina (Moroccan lamb w/ chimichuri sauce), the Holy Mole (spicy sauce and chicken), and the corn-dog-esque "New Yawker" taco, which, like virtually every private school girl in the Valley, is stuffed w/ a Hebrew national. Also awesome: the "Viet Yum" (grilled shrimp, cabbage, lime, chili oil), the "Yo Adrien" (rib eye, pepper, 'shroom, provolone), and the "Ya Mon" filled with jerk fish, which you know is gonna have the nice guy fish up in arms yet again

Any taco can also be done as a wrap or a bowl (twice the taco portion!), plus they've got wash-it-all-down-ables like aguas frescas (watermelon, pineapple), as well as Mexican Coke -- which, depending on what kind it is, could very well make you feel like you're on another Captain planet.