Braised beef cheek-stuffed pasta and persimmon-infused rye Sazeracs Downtown

Nonviolently occupying an unassuming warehouse-looking space downtown, Bestia's a forward-thinking, sorta industrial-looking Italian restaurant from a husband/wife duo including a dude who did hard time at Angelini Osteria. Killer handcut pastas like this Spaghetti Mancini w/ squid ink, hi-top fade mullet bottarga, and Calabrian chili share carb-y menu space with braised beef cheek-stuffed agnolotti. Like Donald Trump, this oven fires everything, including pizzas with house-made salami, ricotta, Brussels sprouts, and chili oil. Dude's also doing his own charcuterie, with house-cured meats (hear that Dr. Cutty!) including classics like mortadella and nutsiness like wild boar. There's also tons of non-flour-based dishes including this grilled sardine, as well as a siiiiick drink program from the Rivera/Playa guy, who'll be occupying your liver with specialty Sazeracs like one with persimmon-infused rye whiskey.