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You're gonna want to know what's inside this warehouse (it involves rabbit porcetta)

You'd be hard-pressed to find a restaurant you'd want to go to 27 days in a row... not named Applebee's. Or at least you would've been if not for the opening of Test Kitchen, the new-but-old temporary food laboratory started in 2010 by a shload of big-deal chefs, and squatting inside soon-to-open downtown restaurant Bestia for just under four weeks

The menu and big-deal chef(s) will change every single night, but some definites include the Church & State guy pairing up with the dudes from Grace and Angelini Osteria for a multi-courser with homemade rabbit porcetta; the crew from beloved, departed La Terza cooking up grilled cuttlefish w/ mushroom conserva; and NorCal superstar Jeremy Fox making small plates that ostensibly will be served at his new Venice restaurant Barnyard, assuming he's not chicken

They're also going to have a dinner from the Michelin-starred Providence kitchen-minder, a week featuring chefs from Baja, and a night that's all offal, as well as preview dinners of the Italian bistro that the space'll eventually Applebeecome when this is all over. Right?!