Poutine! Poutine! Poutine!

Patriotically opening on Wed, P'tit Soleil's a quaint, Maple Leaf flag-flying Westwood bistro dedicated to French Canadian food, which basically means a menu full of designer poutine, which basically means French fries topped with stuff, which basically means: awesome.They're importing cheese curd, making their own gravy, and loading the deep-fried potato batons with those and tons of other things: filet mignon, mushroom, and Cognac cream sauce ("Poutine Marat"); merguez sausage and spicy Harissa cream sauce ("Poutine Malik"); and a cheese curd w/ bolognese sauce dubbed "Poutine Celine" -- ironic, since it basically guarantees your heart will not go on. If somehow you're not excited yet, click here immediately, then get even more excited by their non-potato dishes: dates filled w/ goat cheese and wrapped in maple bacon, chicken croquettes, and the Roules De Choux, basically an egg roll stuffed w/ pork, cabbage, and veal.They've also got a zinc bar sporting a full cocktail menu, w/ Canada-themed specialty drinks like the Clamato-laden, Mary-esque Bloody Caesar; a Canadian Martini (w/ vodka, Chambord & pineapple juice); and the Crown-Grand Marnier-ginger ale-bitters Dirty French Canadian, who would have no problem getting your Maple Leaf flag-flying.