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This plan is going to involve a crap ton of drinkin' and eatin'

No longer just something initiated by hyper-anal vacationers, Plan Check is now also an upscale industrial gastrobistro from a former real estate developer, built in a space that used to house a place people usually visited before getting housed (a liquor store!).

Food's from a former Umami guy and includes creative takes on American classics, like a smoky fried jidori chicken sandwich w/ spicy green pimento cheese, duck breast ham & pickles; a pot roast served w/ bone-marrow turnover pie; and a burger topped w/ smoked blue cheese, "pig candy", fried onions, steak sauce, and peppercorn, which they call "The Blueprint," as its size'll make it significantly harder for you to move On To the Next One. Drinks're from the Blue Cow/ Harvard and Stone/ La Descarga dude, who needs to get more jobs, but until he does will mix up cocktails like the rum/ sherry/ Cointreau/ grenadine "High & Low", and the Pisco/ Midori/ orgeat/ lemon/ lime "Godzilla", which might just help you father an extremely large, ugly baby.

They don't open to the public 'til the 22nd, but email to get into a Thrillist-only party on Sat the 18 (WARNING: Ed Begley Jr's crew usually roll deep to these things), where you'll be able to get 30% off all food -- so be sure and fill up, as an empty stomach means you'll be put under housed arrest.

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