Meats smoked for 18hrs

Not to be confused with a compilation of sassy headshots of cops in Echo Park (but just as alluring!), The Park's Finest is a former catering-only BBQ/Filipino joint just today launching their first cafe-style, shared-table brick-n-mortar, all from a crew of dudes who grew up in the 213 and stayed out of trouble by learning to cook for backyard parties and at their community center.

Like French chicks, they've perfected the art of smoking, with each Friday showcasing dry-rubbed chicken, ribs, and a beef dish (i.e., rib eye, more ribs, etc) that've been cooking up to 18hrs at between 120-180 degrees, depending on how badly they want Nick Lachey to feel. They're also offering rotating sides and their own Filipino-meets-BBQ classics, like homemade cornbread w/ coconut cream cheese, a smoked/rubbed vegetable medley, and three different kinds of hot links blended together, even though everyone knows the one from the original Zelda is the most attractive.

You can wash it all down with beer and wine, but keep in mind that, for now, they're only open Fridays from 6-9p -- the limited weekday availability owing to the fact that they just can't afford more pieces of meat, unlike that fetching crew over at the Echo Park PD. Me-ow.