Hello, Michelada popsicles

Los Angeles

Hello, Michelada popsicles
Hello, Michelada popsicles


Just now open in the land of Jeans Too Tight For Olympic Rower Henrik Rummel To Wear On The Medal Stand, Diablo Taco's a horny, 88-seat tortilla-stuffer that'll remind you of a pre-carnage From Dusk Till Dawn (exposed brick walls, length-of-the-restaurant aged-wood communal table, absolutely no carnage…) and comes courtesy of a restaurant-vet crew that includes an comely lass who's done time at SLS, Patina, and Lawry's. You'll have to hold off a sentence for the tacos, 'cause this is too awesome to wait: their house specialty's a traditional Mexican Michelada, but with a crazy-rad twist: your beer (there're 10 taps, including Scrimshaw Pils & Red Rocket Ale, as well as a shton of bottles) is topped with a Michelada-completing POPSICLE, a frozen blend of organic tomato juice, fresh-squeezed lime, chilis & secret spices, which you can dunk, drop, or just eat at will. Now, about those tacos: each's got a handmade tortilla, with epic stuffings like braised pork belly (w/ caramelized banana & cilantro-peanut relish), butter-roasted Maine lobster (w/ refried brioche, crema, and Key lime), and maple-fried chicken with purple kale & red rooster vinaigrette -- so it's probably worth doodle doing. They've also got other ridiculousness including flash-torched diver scallops and a salad topped with crispy pig ears, as well as a tiny back room (called the Janitor's Closet) that can be reserved a day in advance for a group of up to six to share a whole hog -- but not Hummel's, as that's still on the podium.

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1. Diablo Taco 3129 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Silverlake)

Diablo Taco's an 88-seat tortilla-stuffer serving up "Berzerker" huevos rancheros w/ pasilla peppers & braised beef cheeks, and burritos stuffed w/ egg, Russet potatoes, jack cheese, and your choice of meats, including crispy pork belly and "bison chili".