Food & Drink

Like a school cafeteria, but w/ lobster mac & cheese and bourbon

Finally opening tonight in The Happy One (Los Feliz!), MessHall's an airy, patio-equipped New American eatery set in the former Louise's spot, with a re-done interior that kinda looks like a barn swallowed a school cafeteria, but was then swallowed by a bigger school cafeteria, which was in turn swallowed by an only slightly larger barn (i.e. varnished wood communal tables, exposed timber ceilings, and a wall decorated with serving trays)

Food's from a Nonna vet, who's pairing oyster bar fare (incl. raw & crispy bivalves) with sickawesome other-eats like Maine lobster mac & cheese, a center-cut pork chop (w/ white cheddar grits & Tabasco butter), and smoked brisket on Texas toast, or what Limas Sweed gave after the 2006 Rose Bowl. Drinks aren't slouching either: they've got almost 100 bourbons (Pappy Van Winkle 15yr; Willett 21yr) at the bar, as well as specialty cocktails including crazily named "The Downtime (Between Euphoria Or Bitter Disappointment)", which has whisky, Cynar, orange bitters, and Benedictine, which would pair well with Monkfish if only they had it on the menu

They've also got free WiFi (!), and -- almost as importantly -- a late-night-eats menu with delicious bar bites like smoked corn fritters and shrimp cakes, both of which're sure to make you The Happy One, too.