The Bacaro guy's new, simplified eat spot

Life is filled with difficult decisions, like choosing which college to go to, and the safety school to apply to when you don't get into that college, and the year of community service to do when you don't get into that safety school and your dad calls you out for not applying yourself, and you're like "get off my back dad, where was all this two years ago when you were spending all that time with Kathy?". For a place that'll simplify things in a way dad never could, Papilles.

Now taking reservations for a Monday opening in the space of the former Raffalo's in Beachwood Canyon, Papilles is a Micro Machine-sized bistro w/ flea market-sourced artwork and soon-to-be-installed wine racks from the Bacaro and Mignon guy that makes it easy for you to decide what to eat, since their menu's only got four options, which if you're in Denver would include Tim Tebow left run, Tim Tebow left incompletion, Tim Tebow right run, or Tim Tebow right incompletion. Like your gross roommate in college, the menu changes weekly, though examples include a choice of braised veal cheeks w/ polenta, or filet of trout w/ quinoa, beets, and nettle reduction, preceded by either volute of butternut squash (w/ squash foam!), or a salad of root vegetables. Other possibilities include a roasted loup de mer w/ fennel pan jus, a whole roast leg of Colorado lamb, and goat cheese-emulsified tempura squash blossoms, which are most likely served in orders of Six. Plus that weird sober older brother.

Since the owner-dude used to work at Silverlake Wine, each dish has a recommended pairing, and you'll find one option each for dessert and cheese, though you may want to change things up and order it at the beginning, just so you can tell your jerk dad you made an Early Decision.