Unlimited awesome Asian next to Father's Office

There's something you should know about LUCKYRICE Night Market. Actually, like, a lot of things: it's NYC's premier Asian food & drink fest, it debuts for the first time ever in LA on Aug 4th, and it fills a warehouse loft with all-you-can-consume street eats & elixirs from the country's top toques and liquor-ologists, who don't just specialize in really old Cîrocs. Here's the skinny

The venue: The dude behind Father's Office will host, adding lavish pagodas, Chinese boudoirs, and chandeliers to an open-loft warehouse inside Helms Bakery furniture depot HD Buttercup, which little Fred Savage would've totally preferred to a book read by his grandfather

The chefs: Remember that episode of Sliders where they land in a parallel universe that treats its most accomplished intellectuals like superstar athletes, and Quinn's super famous, but also in debt to the mob? Yeah, us neither. But if we did, we'd point out that the chefs at this thing are Quinn-Mallory-in-that-parallel-universe-level famous (and doing awesome dishes), from Top Chef's Angelo Sosa (Summer Corn Soup w/ Bonito & Okra Kimchee) and The Charleston's Jet Tila (Five-Spiced Pork Belly on crispy Bao Bun), to Top Chef Masters' Susur Lee (Mexican Goat Cheese tart w/ Chinese duck sausage) and STREET's Susan Feniger (Tatsutage Fried Chicken)

The libation-aires: In addition to unlimited Singha beer & craft sakes, they'll have two Asian-inspired cocktails apiece from eight esteemed drink mixers, including bartenders from Mixology 101, New York's Social Eatz, and Drago Centro -- who probably love incorporating CîRocky.