Lindy & Grundy

Everyone knows the saying "this is not your father's Oldsmobile", which was famous for predicting the future, as it's technically no one's Oldsmobile now. For a not-your-father's-butcher shop worth driving a Buick to, hit up Lindy and Grundy's.

Finally actually opening today after months (and months!) of false starts, L & G's an airy old-school butcher shop w/ two massive refrigerator cases run by a pair of definitely not-old-school tattooed ladies (one from Pasadena, the other from Tokyo) dedicated to all the latest butchering techniques strictly using ONLY pastured meats raised by ultra-sustainable, hella local ranchers, most of whom are presumably jolly. Protein's totally ripped apart tail-to-snout style, w/ options including pork, lamb, poultry, and beef, all of which was once roaming free within 150mi of LA on a strict vegetarian diet, so, most likely, it was just living in Venice. In addition, they're also making their own charcuterie, bacon, sausages (hot Italian, kimchi pork, etc.) as well as kalbi and other "Asian cuts", also a familiar experience for anyone standing at a crowded roulette table.

The meat's obviously constantly rotating, but if there's a specific cut you want you can call ahead; and wait, there's more -- they're even planning to roll out a station to create your own spice, which you're free to make as bold as you'd like, especially if you've got a certain Bravada. Or even just an Alero.