Seven days of famous fast-food burgs, Oinkster-ified

Um, so, yeah, this: lauded Eagle Rock bun-meat-bun joint The Oinkster kicks off a week-long burger fest today (so... Add this to My Thrillist?) where they're emulating fast-food classics (think: Sourdough Jacks, Western Bacon Cheeseburgers, Big Macs...) with gourmet ingredients to create restaurant-quality burger doppelgängers (cue Fyodor Dostoyevsky adding this to My Thrillist).What to expect: One almost-identical, way-more-delicious recreation per day, including "Red Castle Sliders" (w/ Nebraska Angus beef), the "2x4" (scratch-Thousand-Island-laden, Animal-Style-available), a "Northeast Bacon Cheeseburger" (w/ homemade onion rings and BBQ sauce), a "Sourdough Josh" (w/ specially made bread rounds), and the "Big Max", which everyone'll start calling you once you polish off a few of these, Max.And just because, there're also two wildcard burgers (!), specialty pins for every recreation you eat, and even a ltd-ed t-shirt if you eat every single doppelgänger (cue Fyodor Dostoyevsky LIKE-ing this story on Facebook, with a smiley face).