The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing guys' new bistro

Not just an awesome-sounding, Melissa-Joan-approved WWF tag team name, The Hart and the Hunter's also an awesome-sounding new Mid-City bistro inside Melrose's boutique Palihotel, where a turquoise tile-heavy interior'll host rustic, Southern-leaning eats from the dudes behind one-time popup Wolf In Sheep's Clothing. To the three-part menu breakdown!Small Plates: They're all $5-and-under, with must-gets including chicken cracklings & hot pepper vinegar, a bag of boiled peanuts, and assorted pickles, which -- thanks to two years of JV high school baseball -- you should have no trouble handling.Potted Provisions: More like potbelly provisions! Served with bread, these not-actually-served-in-pots eats count a ham hock rillette, a mushroom duxelle & gremolata, and -- to Michelangelo's dismay -- marinated anchovies.For The Table (or just Bartolo Colon): This is where things get serious, e.g. Brussels sprouts and peanut salad with bacon sherry vinaigrette, charred chili chicken wings, chopped steak with bone marrow & grilled toast, and a massive seafood boil that you may need a Bartolo tag-in to finish.