Food & Drink

Chorizo and tequila sorbet by the Beverly Center

Opening Monday across the street from Cedars-Sinai, Duplex On Third is a two-story immense-taurant… on Third (!), with a downstairs, bookcase-laden dining room and an upstairs, library-like bar where you'll be the one getting checked out. Hopefully

Food's from a former Polo Lounge chef and covers all manner of awesome: halibut-shrimp-scallop ceviche w/ a tequila-and-watermelon-spiked sorbet; meatball flatbread w/ Fresno chili & asiago; and saffron-brothed red-chili chorizo w/ mussels from Carlsbad, or what Lenny quickly realized during that one Treehouse of Horror episode. Not crazy-hungry? Need something to lure Zombie Carl into a trap? They've also got small bites like grilled peaches w/ Di Stefano burrata, pine nuts & Italian salsa verde; house-made hummus w/ wood-grilled pita; and scratch agnolotti w/ eggplant, ricotta, bell peppers, and what Neil yells every time he kills a spider: "young squash"

Oh, and in case you like private rooms with their own bar, nearly 360-degree views, and mounted taxidermied water buffalos named Terry, they've got one of those too, which, if it's even close to as cool as that library-like bar, you'll probably want to… book?