A new sandwich shop from a <em>Top Chef</em> winner

When you're in the public eye, pulling off something legitimately surprising is difficult, so you mostly just end up forced to have more standard birthday parties, at Discovery Zone. Still managing to pull it off and provide you with funbelievable fitness for kids!! foodstuffs, the dude behind ink.sack.

ink.sack's a hole-in-the-wall gourmet sandwich stand lined w/ graffiti'd blackboards and not much else, opening today from Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio, who managed to pull off a somehow under-the-radar build-out despite obsessive scrutiny from media, food blogs, and Val Kilmer's stomach. Sandwiches are all under $6 (the easily attainable goal is to eat a couple, though to clarify, Val Kilmer, that does NOT mean two people that're married), and are served on specially sourced soft-white rolls packed w/ high-end ingredients like spicy tuna salad w/ miso-cured albacore, wild rice & Sriracha mayo; maple pepper turkey w/ Camembert, mustarda & arugula; and the chicken liver mousse/ curried chicken skin/ lettuce/ tomato "CLT". Mo' options include a molecular-gastronomy'd cold fried chicken sandwich; a serrano ham/ chorizo/ lomo/ Manchego "Jose Andres" (aka "The Spanish Godfather"); and a beef tongue reuben w/ Appenzeller cheese, kraut, and Russian dressing, so you know that one's going to be extra Juicy...Couture...on the butt of its sweatpants.

If you also partake in liquids/snacks, they've got upscale sodas (ginger beer, kiss of lemon, etc.), housemade chips, and pineapple and watermelon "street fruit". In a couple of months, Voltaggio plans to open a finer-dining restaurant up the street, which's not nearly as much of a surprise since it's much larger, giving you plenty of room to jump, swing, crawl, or mountain climbbbbb!!!