Modestly put, the Most Anticipated Burger Of The Year

The anticipation of waiting for something to arrive is sometimes even better than the actual thing, especially when you know you're just going to get waitlisted at Irvine anyway. Damn you single legacy! For much-anticipated burgers that actually beat both the hype and UCI in the US News & World Report rankings, check out Short Order.

Finally opening tomorrow after more than a year of such crazy hype it actually started making music videos with Mr. Williams, SO's a full-service restaurant at the Farmer's Market that's a collab between Amy Pressman (the late founder of Old Town Bakery) and Mozza/La Brea Bakery guru Nancy Silverton, with an interior that feels like a fancified farmhouse thanks to reclaimed wood walls, artisanal tiles, and Eames chairs. Every part of the burger and all their condiments are either made in-house or extremely carefully sourced, with results like Nancy's Backyard Burger (w/ Comte/ artisan bacon/ spicy mayo/ avocado, plus fixins') and the signature Short Order burger, which's got grass fed beef, Morbier, griddled mushrooms, mustard-mayo, and bibb, so you don't need to worry about ruining that Hypercolor tee. If you're not into ground beef, our whole relationship just got way more confusing there're also other options, including a turkey burger w/ sage cheddar, melted celery, leeks, and mayo, and the corn-battered, mustard-drenched "Short Dog", which's soon to be made into a movie starring a midget motorcyclist that looks weirdly similar to John Travolta.

They've also got drinks by the Playa guy, an in-house wine ("Short Cellars"), and soon they'll have their own bakery, though if that wasn't what you called your Jetta all through high school, you'd probably already be an Anteater.