Ben Franklin would be proud

Opening tonight on Melrose courtesy of a team that's been involved in everything (Patina to Bin 8945 to Luna Park to Pearl Lounge...), The Colonial Wine Bar's a food-equipped history hat-tipper full of epic ephemera (colonial portraits, maps, antique book pages used as wallpaper) you probably won't remember from 7th grade Social Studies, esp. considering how busy you were playing Drug Wars on your TI-86 doing, um, math stuff.The food's mostly Mediterranean-tweaked (dry-aged Kansas strip w/ herbed frites, lamb burger w/ harissa aioli, roasted marrow bones w/ oxtail marmalade), while the wine's mostly... grape-tweaked, with a 21-bottle reserve list available at a 12-seat marble bar, along with a 28-glass list (the 2010 Dr. Klapper actually appears when you clap your hands twice, provided you're an old woman who wakes up angry for no apparent reason). There's also on-the-menu-specifically- for-food-pairing sake and four really interesting Belgian, German & Japanese draft beers -- all available as tasters for half-price, or how the credit gets divvied up for fixing Rajon Rondo's jump shot.Also awesome: they've got an eight-seat lounge in back with 18th-century-style furnishings, plus a gated patio up front with a kickass aged wood communal table you'll totally want to hit up before taking advantage of the increased price of heroin in Coney Island doing, um, math stuff.