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Gordon Ramsay's new Mid-City standby

Not just what Emilio Estevez kept accidentally calling Goldberg during the shooting of Mighty Ducks, The Fat Cow's also Gordon Ramsay's new Mid-City gastropub, a long-and-narrow space with 200 seats split between length-of-the-room communal tables and tufted-leather booths, a vintage-touched interior (flea market mirrors, old desk lamp lighting), and a convenient location right next to the Grove's movie theater -- so it's a good place to spend (and see!!!) Twilight

Ramsay creations include a fingerling-potato-accompanied long rib that's pepper-crusted & wood-roasted, a lobster mac & cheese, and a cheddar-topped burger made from an incredible-sounding short rib/Kobe combo, which'll be on the menu so long as personal differences and arguments over their respective roles in the dish don't force a trade that sends short rib to the Miami Heat.

They've also got an extensive selection of stone-baked pizzas with specialty toppings like spicy sausage, burrata, fennel, coppa, figs, and "vodka sauce", which Boris Yeltsin will order, minus the sauce

Like Spiderman and Freeze, liquor is in full effect, plus they've got housemade desserts from a separate station they call the "Moo Bar", including "cookie milk"-flavored ice cream sundaes and various tarts, surprisingly none of which're named Kristen Stewart.