Food & Drink

A restaurant re-do totally worth the almost two-year wait

The second incarnation of Bel Air Bar and Grill (now owned by Walt Disney's niece), this upscale classic near the Getty Center was closed for almost two years and -- thanks to a complete renovation -- now kinda looks like a wealthy-yet-indecisive-philanthropist's home thanks to a sun-lit veranda lined with work from the Cal Arts Academy, and a dark, fireplace-enhanced study with a secret trap door to the Conservatory.Like every description ever of a George Clooney awards-show tux, food's totally contemporary/classic, and'll come from the same chefs they brought on board way back in 1998 when they used to pay them with money from their sweet Stussy jester chain wallets. Highlights include a 10oz filet mignon that's been dipped in Port wine and sided with red potato hash (#redpotato), plus pan-seared jumbo sea scallops that are slathered in a champagne shallot butter sauce.They've also got a full bar (try the James and the Giant Peach: Jim Beam, peaches, mint, soda) as well as a to-go cafe section they're calling "The Shack in the Back", with bring-back-to-the-office-able lunchtime eats good enough to make your cubicle the happiest place on earth.