The Tempura of Doom

Remember the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones navigates those seemingly impossible-to-navigate booby traps all in an effort to get that little bald buddha dude statue? Well, Hannosuke is kinda like that, except the seemingly impossible-to-navigate place is the Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace and the bald buddha dude statue is battered-and-fried-goodness from Japan

This new Tokyo-imported Holy Grail of tempura awesome in West LA serves just two (!) menu items, which're identical save the protein: crisped veggies (seaweed, sweet potato, and shishito pepper), shrimp, scallops, and a fried egg with a drippy yolk, that're all heaped on sticky rice, covered in a sweet soy sauce, and topped with either tempura whitefish or fried eel. And to save you the trouble of sneaking into secret underground rooms in Tanis, check out the Indy-approved map laying out how to find it in the link below.